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Come ride with one of the most beautiful girls direct to you and Las Vegas escorts! I am an amazingly receptive and venerating, erotically suggestive young lady for the courteous fellow that merits the super adoring sort of friendship. I guarantee you that our time together will be brimming with fun, and satisfying. I am so absolutely lovable, well obliging and willing to please since I cherish what I do as a Las Vegas escort and Las Vegas stripper. I am a smart sweet lady and like to meet the ideal respectable man that will spoil and pleasure me and consequently I will do considerably more for him. I am extremely sensual and sexy and have a completely stacked sentimental piece of me, you will appreciate investigating.

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Las Vegas is a great city for anyone looking to have fun. The city is synonymous with fun and many people from all over the world come here every year in search of it. There are many ways to have this fun in Las Vegas. But there is one way that tramples many. Those who know it get to know and understand why they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That way is having fun with Las Vegas escorts. Las Vegas escorts are what you can call fun surrogates. Being one of them, I know how good they are. My name is Shea and I am all about fun. I am originally from the east coast working with the escorts in Boston but I moved to Vegas because I just love the desert. Plus, who doesn't love Sin city? Its so much fun and there is nothing else I would rather be doing than having fun with you. It is the best time you can hope for. If you want to get a glimpse of what you will be enjoying, just check out the photos on my profile. You will love my ass, tits, hair, eyes and even my shapely legs. But that is not all there is to me. There is so much more. I want to tell you a bit of it and leave you to find out the rest in person.

It is no secret that I am naughty. It is the one trait I am known for. It is what I love about myself. And definitely, it is the one thing you will love about me. Being naughty, it follows that I am also a very bold person. My naughtiness is not restricted to those times it is just you and I behind closed doors. I have a naughty version of me in public. However, it is not x rated and you do not have to worry. I like to do it discreetly to excite you and make you feel what you have never felt in years if ever at all. For me, every day is a new day to have fun. It is not easy to find me sad. I am a positive person and like to laugh and smile. You will love my dimples and my laugh is infectious. Unlike other escorts, I never fake anything. If you see me laugh or smile, it is a genuine one. I have never understood why anyone would even think about faking anything. Therefore, when you have fun with me, you can be sure it is mutual.

In fact this is one of the things that separate me from other escorts. I do not just seek to make you have fun. I look forward to having fun with you. It makes a world of a difference. I also take a genuine interest in you. I am an easy person to talk to and converse with. We can talk about anything under the sun. If you need someone to talk to about anything at all, you can always confide in me. If you need the opinion of someone else, I will always give you my honest opinion. Like everybody else, you are wondering what will happen if you end up telling me certain secrets. Professional Las Vegas escorts know that they cannot afford to tell their clients’ secrets. It is a rule I adhere to. I have never told anybody about something I was told in confidence in the course of escorting a client. And I am not about to. You can always be sure that what you tell me will not be uttered to a soul. And anything that happens between us will stay between us. No one will ever know. Once you are sure of these things, it will be easier to have fun.

There are certain things I like doing to you and for you. These include but are not limited to pole dancing, lap dancing, strip teasing and letting you see me play with toys. These are not it. There are many more. I want you to come and see them for yourself instead of reading about them. Having fun in Las Vegas is not restricted to these. The Las Vegas nightlife is one of the best. I love clubs like Marquee. It has some of the best entertainers in the world and a great crowd as well. Even though it has big queues, you will not be in them. When you are with me, you will go straight inside. I also love day clubs like Sapphire where you can chill and cool off from the hot desert sun. However, day or night, Las Vegas is always rocking and you will not notice minutes turn into hours and hours into days. If you want great food, hotels such as Bellagio or Venetian have great restaurants that serve all kinds of food that you may want. It is not hard to find good food in Las Vegas because it is understood that all that fun cannot be had on an empty stomach.

If you want someone to attend an event like a corporate event or party, I am your best bet. I look good and dress to impress. Just as I easily get along you with, I can also get along well with other people. You do not worry about what we will talk about. I am a great conversationalist and being college educated, I can talk about anything with them. I know how to balance between having fun with you in the comfort of your hotel room or house and having it outdoors. I am a stripper as well as an escort and you will enjoy both from me. I have everything you desire in a stripper and then some more. You will be enjoying all these services from the comfort of your home, office or even hotel room. All my attention will be on you and I will not be in a hurry. You will enjoy everything the way it is supposed to. That is why if you want a great time in Las Vegas, you need to call me. My name is Shea and my number is 702 979-1948.