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Did you know I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas? I learned to love my job when I had work with the hot desert escorts near Palm Springs and then I relocated to Vegas wanting more. Vegas is an unbelievable place with great fun and all though the girls in Sin City showed me a lot of goodies, Vegas has truly become my base point for now and is home to me. Come and ride Vegas with me! Las Vegas escorts are the most enchanted upbeat and wonderful individuals to be with as they comprehend their occupation and parts so well that they fit into each setting and space. Very wise people, escorts in Las Vegas are blessed messengers, and I am one of such top heavenly attendants trying to be your Vegas escort and accomplice today.

We call it Sin City Nuru Massage. The stated massage therapy will never fail your expectations when it comes to the process of eliminating all negative effects of stress and tiredness in your body. Most men come from all over to get this done, but surprisingly enough, couple come together to get this service done as well. Las Vegas couples massage is one of our girls favorite and considered the most fun. This is because it was designed to provide a relaxing effect in bodies and minds of all our clients and couples. Our call girls usually perform it undressed. That’s why we believe that it will really make you scream for several hours especially when our call girls start to executed erotic moves while touching and rubbing you from head to toe.

When we are in your room allow me to do the first move by first touching and offering you a sensual massage. You will love it for sure. How about a lap dance while removing my clothes and your clothes one by one?  I leanred a lot of great stripping tricks working at club Palomino Las Vegas. This will surely make our night hotter and full and fun. There are so many things I would like to say about myself. But I will leave to you the rest and allow you to discover it yourself. Remember me and call me now!

My tits are simply firm and nice and I know very well how to dance with them for you. Simply give me an idea of what you want to do for the night and I will work my magic to make the night exceed your expectations. Let me massage you and let me help you take away your boredom. I learned to massage from being trained by the girls at Scottsdale massage in Arizona. I don’t run around and boast as I simply let my performance as your escort speak for itself. Make me your Las Vegas escort tonight and let me show you what I will do for you to make you acknowledge that I am the best. I won’t give up until that happens. I will be glad to accompany you anywhere, your business travels or vacations and I am also very sensual, feminine, affectionate, memorable, a perfect young lady in public but naughty and adventurous during reserved time.

Hi. My name is Shea and I want to be your Las Vegas escort. I have managed to rise to be one of the sought after Las Vegas escorts. I am one of the most stunning girls direct to your room. I can give any experienced escort a run for her money. Dedication, high quality services and my sexy body are some of the things that have helped me to rise to the top. Many people also love my youth. With this youth comes lots of energy that is used to please you and entertain you. I do not like to talk about my physical features because my photos can do a better job. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe no words can do justice to my features like my photos can. I want to talk about the things you cannot see from my photos such as how adventurous and naughty I am. I love having fun and hate monotony. Apart from being an escort, I am also a stripper at Spearmint Rhino. It is one of the top strip clubs in Las Vegas and you are welcome to come and sample my services. We can talk about what I can do for you over a lap dance.

I do not like to keep you waiting. Within minutes of calling me, you will answer your door and be greeted by a hot and sexy escort ready to have fun with you. I know how to dress slutty or classy depending on where we will be going and what we will be doing. I like flirting with you and making your heart skip a beat. I like to tempt you so that I can see what power I have over you. When I really want to make it hot, I like to play with myself or use toys while you watch. I always enjoy seeing you wish you were one of those toys so that I could play with you. There is no need to worry however. I do not light fires that I cannot put out. I can do just about anything to make you happy. If it does not result in fun, then it is not worth it. Do not be afraid to tell me what turns you on or what makes you tick. However naughty you think it is, tell me. I will do it for you in style. You can also decide to let me surprise you. You will be sweetly surprised.

When it comes to attending functions, parties and other events with you, you will not want anyone else by your side. We can start the day at a pool party right here in Las Vegas and head out for lunch later on at a place like MGM Grand. When that is out of the way, we can hit the club and Tao is a great place to start. I can also take you to a party or to watch a movie. Better yet, we can head back to your hotel room or house and I can show you what makes me one of the best Las Vegas escorts. I like to start with a sensuous massage and then work my way from there. With my abundance of energy, I will put you through your paces. But my massages will get you feeling like going again. You will not notice time fly and you will hate to see me leave. There is however no need to worry. I am always available whenever you need me. There are racetracks where you can drive super-fast cars and enact a scene from an action movie by shooting guns on top of military grade vehicles in the desert. It does not matter what you like. In Las Vegas, you will enjoy it in style.

I am one of those Las Vegas escorts who escort on a fulltime basis. Despite the fact that I am a stripper, whenever you tell me you want me to escort you, I will be available. I do that so that you do not have to postpone having fun or settle for less. I know the city better than most and if you are new to Las Vegas or you are busy and never go out much, I will show you the best hangouts. There is no better way to tour the city and its hot spots than in the company of a hot escort whose attention is all on you and whose only work is to make sure you have the time of your life. There are times when you just need someone to talk to and to offer you companionship. I love getting to know more about you and listening to what you have to say. I am a good listener and whatever it is, I will listen. I will not reveal anything you tell me in confidence with anyone. I am not in the business of discussing my client’s matters with others. Not even another client. You can therefore rest assured that everything said and done between us will stay between us.

If you are in Las Vegas or are planning to come to Las Vegas, do not take chances with your time in Las Vegas. Guarantee a good time by taking an escort worth your time and money. Someone who is full of fun and with whom you will have loads of it. You are here because you are looking for the best Las Vegas escorts. If that is you, do not look any further. All your needs will be met and exceeded here. All you have to do is call me and I will take care of the rest. By the time we are done, you will know why people love Las Vegas and its escorts. You will also understand why people say what happens in Vega stays in Vegas. Finally, you will have a chance to put sin back in sin city. My number is 702 979-1948. You know what to do.